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Napa Valley. Everything we do reflects the casual elegance we find there. From distinctive homes and gardens to evenings filled with music, good friends and the world’s best wine. It’s a community of culture and a landscape of beauty. It’s where we started. It’s our muse.  

We want you to know how we're handling the on-going health crisis. Please click here for information and updates. As always, Napa remains OPEN for business and we are shipping orders. 

The spirit and resiliency of our worldwide suppliers, sales reps, employees, and especially you—our customers—will never cease to amaze me. 2020 will surely go down in history as one of the most challenging ever. We have learned a lot about what we are made of and what is important. I’m happy to be putting last year in the rear view mirror.

I’m enormously positive about the outlook for 2021. We have moved our flagship showroom in Atlanta to the heavily trafficked 10th floor in Building 2. This new and bigger showroom allows us to have all our products in one space which greatly improves the shopping experience. I am thrilled with the open floor plan and very pleased with our new product selections, all of which are also shown in our catalog and on this website.

My optimistic outlook is best reflected in our new concept called Meadowood, a nod to Napa Valley’s iconic resort on the mend after last year’s wildfire. The look is creamy & white, with a love of natural materials, organic structures—and a look to a brighter future. Simple elegance without unnecessary adornment. Just the way we like it at Napa Home & Garden. We hope you do, too.

Our homes have become so vital to us. This year many will look to improve and refresh. Many will order online and also shop locally. Your Napa Rep is ready to help you in whatever way you choose to shop this year. Ask to set up an online session, or watch one of our video tours of our new Atlanta showroom to preview products and make selections.

Together, we can do this. Thank you for your business and continued support.



About Napa Home & Garden.

Napa Home & Garden is a home decor wholesaler selling to the trade, with headquarters in the greater Atlanta area and a distribution center in Newport News, VA. We provide sophisticated products for the home, selling to style-conscious retailers via a best-in-class shopping experience. Place your order with us in one of our award-winning showrooms, with your local Napa Rep, with Napa Customer Service, or by using this website. Happy shopping!  

Napa Home & Garden is a registered trademark.