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Napa Valley. Everything we do reflects the casual elegance we find there. From distinctive homes and gardens to evenings filled with music, good friends and the world’s best wine. It’s a community of culture and a landscape of beauty. A place steeped in tradition, yet with an eye on modern. It’s where we started. It’s our muse. 

Enjoy the good things.

Enjoy a new color. A new accent. A new collection. Enjoy the way it all comes together. The way a piece speaks to you. Enjoy the thrill of the find—that euphoric moment when you know you simply must have it.

This website is filled with items that made us feel this way. One new collection we want you to see is a concept called Coastal Canvas, a blend of statement pieces and cane rattan, all inspired by the bright & sunny breezes of seaside living.

Be sure to see our latest ceramics from Italy, best-selling collections now offered in smaller sizes and lower price points. You asked for more options, and we happily delivered.

We’re proud to introduce new ceramics from the artisan village of Chulucanas, Peru. The craftsmen there create some of the world’s most remarkable handmade pottery, using techniques passed down from Incan ancestors. Each pot is made with equal amounts of patience & passion. A must-see.

We also have added a wide selection of new metal accents—golds & silvers that work well for the upcoming holidays. The best way to see everything new is by browsing our latest Napa catalog, volume 51, available as a flip book here. There’s plenty to see within these pages. So, please, enjoy the good things.

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About us.

Like you, we believe in the beauty of home. We were founded in Napa, California, in 2000, with one simple goal: to help elevate each & every living space. Over the years we have forged relationships with many of the world’s best artisans, allowing us to offer you selections that are curated, crafted and contemporary. From the front hall to the back garden, Napa is there to help make everything beautiful.

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