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Napa Valley. Everything we do reflects the casual elegance we find there. From distinctive homes and gardens to evenings filled with music, good friends and the world’s best wine. It’s a community of culture and a landscape of beauty. It’s where we started. It’s our muse. 


This year, we’ve reconnected with our love for gardening, and put renewed emphasis on the garden portion of our business. You’ll see it in our showrooms, in our catalog, online and most of all, in the new products we sell.

It occurs to me that gardening offers something for everyone. Simple or elaborate, organized or gloriously untamed, gardens provide sustenance, beauty, joy and most of all for me, peace of mind. It’s good to see green things grow. 

While I have always loved gardening, my first real introduction was in Napa Valley and the renowned Katie Trefethen garden class. This was a class, not a club, and we all worked hard to present new gardening concepts, practices and plants to the group within the magnificent setting of the Trefethen Family Vineyards.

I learned most of what I know about plants and gardens during my 20+ years in Napa Valley. And from these simple seeds came Napa Home & Garden. 

New at Napa this year is Weathered Garden, a garden relic line with an authentic finish we know you’ll love. 

A few examples are shown here. This introduction includes a new take on our garden head planters—proven best sellers, now reinvented.

We are revitalizing our outdoor planters, too, with a new lightweight family called Glazelite. These large-scale pots look as if they are ceramic, but they’re not. Durable and made for outdoor use—yet I can move even the largest planter with one hand. Talk about Napa ingenuity.

We are also introducing Dry Basket Planters, rich rattan woven around large-format grower’s pots. The pots help the weave keep its shape and protect the rattan by elevating it off the ground. Even more Napa ingenuity.

There’s certainly a lot to see & shop at Napa in home, garden & floral. Let’s grow together again in 2019.

See you at market,
KC & Jerry Cunningham


About Napa Home & Garden.

Napa Home & Garden is a home decor wholesaler selling to the trade, with headquarters in the greater Atlanta area and a distribution center in Newport News, VA. We provide sophisticated products for the home, selling to style-conscious retailers via a best-in-class shopping experience. Place your order with us in one of our award-winning showrooms, with your local Napa Rep, with Napa Customer Service, or by using this website. Happy shopping!